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Our ethos is simple

The Player Comes First

Everyone working at FullNinety Sports Management prides themselves on this founding principle of the company. Our ethos, strong bond, collective sense of purpose and relationship with our clients is the hallmark of the agency.

We recognise that each of our clients are unique, with very specific needs. FullNinety Sports Management is an established multifaceted football agency that has FIFA licensed agents at its core.

We represent record breakers and break records as an agency too; our agents are pioneers in executing player transfers and were first to work through the ‘5 Step’ Premier League process. We have executed the most expensive transfer of an Australian International to the Premier League and also broken the womens domestic British transfer record. FullNinety Sports Management secure and negotiate contracts for clients worldwide and with a second office in Australia, the agency has a truly global reach.

We offer a complete range of services

Why choose FullNinety sports management?


The unique and wholly transparent structure of FullNinety Sports Management means we won’t earn until you do. We only derive income from playing contracts and commercial deals. This means we have a vested interest in ensuring our clients reach their optimum performance level and sustain it.

Peace of mind

This dynamic has been deliberately created to provide any new client with the peace of mind that FullNinety Sports Management have a ‘real’ commercial interest in them succeeding. We recognise that the trust of a player and their family can only be earned over time. This is something that is important to us as individuals and an agency as a whole.

We are 100% committed in all we do for our clients and ensure that a player is fully supported when it comes to all aspects of their career; on pitch and off pitch. We cover everything from initial contract negotiations, renewals, transfers, commercial sponsorship and brand partnerships. The objective is to provide our clients with the very best opportunities to succeed.

The #FullNinetyFamily

Our team consists of FIFA licensed agents, ex-professionals and industry experts that collectively have in excess of 100 years experience.

We constantly strive to maintain a family feel to the agency. Simply; we believe that family go the extra mile for each other. That is why we have unrivalled client retention rates and are able to develop trusted relationships over time. These relationships built within FullNinety Sports Management extend beyond football and the length of a representation contract. Our players and their families will testify to that.

We know that ‘trust’ is the buzz word used a lot within the football industry, but it’s not something you can ask for. Trust has to be earned. Individually and collectively, we are prepared to work for it.

Small differences that make a big impact

We provide every player with a holistic support network and direct access to the very best professionals in their field; sports psychology, biomechanics, nutrition, strength & conditioning, individual coaching, analytics, legal and financial. Enabling our players to be the very best versions of themselves whilst having total peace of mind.

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